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As I lay in my bed with pretty bad ear infection and a Titanic-size-headache, I’m trying to write your monthly letter and you look at me like you are wondering “Why do you even bother mommy?”. Cause, baby girl, you are growing up so fast. I was pregnant with you 9 months and now you are 9 months old. For 18 months our lives are connected. And it passed in a blink of an eye. That’s why I’m trying to remember every single detail, every achievement and every word you say (if you can call your jibber-jabber words).

You are standing by yourself almost all the time. You walk holding onto couch and then try to stand on your own, without any supporter. Where’s the hurry baby girl? You’ll have all the time in the world to walk. And stand. And run. Take it easy.

Everybody falls madly in love with you. You are like Puss in Boots from Shrek – you are using your cute nature and innocent, wide-eyed expression to soften everyone’s hearts. And then you attack them with kisses and hugs (small drooling bites accompanied by hair pulling). Nobody minds.

You have 2 teeth! And we have little marks all over our furniture to remember that.

You talk non-stop. Your jibber-jabber sounds like real sentences but I have no.idea.whatsoever you are talking about. Sorry about that.

You hair is growing more and more – soon enough you’ll be able to wear bows and hairbands and all that other girly stuff.

You crawl sooo fast. Soon enough I’ll have to run to catch you. You got that from your father – he was the “crawl champion” (while I was sitting like a stone all.the.time. and then just walked away one day).

December brought a huge change for you – we decorated your room and moved you. But… You still need a little human touch to fall asleep so we cuddle with you on our bed and then carry you to your baby bed. You love your new room – its colourful, full of light, baby proofed and all your toys are within your reach.

You understand “no” but not always obey it. If we tell you not to touch something with your hands, you try to get it with your legs. How can so much personality be wrapped up in one little nutty baby?

You clap your hands all the time. When you talk, when you sing, when we are changing your dipper (like “Yeees, I pooped again!”), when we are buying fruits on the local market. Time are place are irrelevant in your clapping schedule.

If you want something that is out of your reach (like remote control which is your favourite object to throw across the room recently), you work hard to get it. Like, really hard. Nothing gets in your way. And you object so hard when I try to take the remote control away from you – you are my personal little Che Guevara.

Your favourite game is peekaboo. You could play it all day long. It’s kind of exhausting but you love it so much I just can’t say no to you.

Your little pointy finger still explores all the little things; nothing goes unnoticeable: a crumb on the floor, a stain on my trousers, your father’s slippers, dirty dipper. Your curiosity is inexhaustible.

We celebrated your first Christmas! The tree was the superhero in your eyes; big and green with all those colourful and glittery ornaments and with all the lights. You stared at them for hours.

My dear friend Frano from Gle Fotka studio took these photos of us the other day and for that – we will be forever grateful…
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