First, happy New Year! 

This afternoon (after jet another epic battle in the “Mammy, I don’t wanna go to sleep!” war), I finally had some time for myself. So I opened my “blog calendar” and realised just how many posts I didn’t write/publish during this Christmas holidays. At first, I was appalled with my own neglect but then I realised: I needed this break. Badly. My husband also took some time off his work and the three of us spent two weeks together. Reading, cooking, sleeping, recharging our batteries and most importantly – spending quality family time with our little Tasmanian devil… Here are some December highlights:

Laura celebrated her very first Christmas (one tip for young mothers out there… don’t buy your children gifts – just buy them wrapping paper; Laura was so into playing with glittery paper, she didn’t care at all for the presents she got) :: went to the dentist after avoiding him for almost two years (yep, you read that right) :: gain some weight due to Christmas and birthdays and my husbands cooking :: Laura experienced her very first snow (you should have seen her excitement and amazement; I havent seen anything like that until now) :: read a lot :: shoot one beautiful, intimate wedding :: found out we had Cookie Factory here in Zagreb (also one to blame for my weight gain) :: shoot my friend Frano and his beautiful family of four

Barbara Tursan Misic Photography_Instagram_December_2 Barbara Tursan Misic Photography_Instagram_December_1

Happy Friday!