got a new hairdo – love it :: embraced the idea of reading just 15 minutes every day (and made a huge list of books I wanna read) :: all three of us were sick as dogs; I haven’t been so sick in more than 2 years :: finished all albums and delivered them to happy customers :: :: helped a friend film “behind the scenes” video for his photography business and, have to admit, I kinda liked the whole cinematography concept :: due to our sickness, I still have 3 or 4 washing machines of laundry to iron :: enjoyed the last sunny afternoons before the winter comes :: went to Interliber (I will never confess how much money I spent there. never ever.) :: our Canon family has a new member and I LOVE it (cant wait to show you the images)

Instagram_November_Barbara Tursa Misic Photography_1Instagram_November_Barbara Tursa Misic Photography_2

Looking forward to December, slowing down and some relaxation 🙂