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It’s getting hard to keep up with our “photography monthly/birth anniversary”. We spend every day together and yet – time flies. This month I decided to do something different. I decided to make a “movie monthly/birth anniversary” instead of photography one. You father asked me how come I’m doing it now and I didn’t do it when you turned 6 months. Cause 6 months milestone is so important but it seems to me that 7 months milestone was more important to you and the change you shown.

You toss and turn so quickly that you are able to come from one side of the room to another in a matter of seconds. You look like a cool surf girl sliding up and down our parquet with your hands and legs in the air.

The “anything-you-can-grab-ends-up-in-your-mouth” phase is more actual than ever. I vacuum the floors and try not to worry about germs; mission impossible. Especially when you try to put my big toe in your mouth.

You can sit on your own for couple of minutes and you love the change of perspective that provides. And when you get tired, you end up on your tummy and sliding begins all over again.

You pout your lips and make a rawr sound when something is not according to your plan. Its hilarious.

You will be a musician of some sort; no doubt about it. You bang your arm and leg in rhythm every time you hear a song on a radio. And  this goes for hours. Your father and I are keeping our fingers crossed your instrument of choice will be guitar  Or violin. Of piano. Just please, don’t choose the drums. We beg you.

The only way I can get you to sleep during the day is to “sleep” by your side. It drives me crazy and melts my heart at the same time.

Almost all of your baby hair is gone and is now replaced by new fuzzy brown hair.

The only thing you fear are blender and hair dryer. Why?

You are extremely social. At least with other kids. You face lighten up every time you see one of your play-date friends. You smile all the time, share your toys and show you affection the same way as you show it to me (by grabbing their hair and trying to give them a big slobbery kiss). They don’t quite like it, but you don’t really care.

Bath-time is the new IT thing. When you see your tub, you get so excited I have to hold you really tight. Or you will fly away – towards the tub. We could bath you in our bathing suits cause you splash so hard and laugh even harder that bathroom floor is all wet. Together with us. But it brings you so much joy we don’t mind.

You wake up in the morning before us, turn on you belly and watch us from your crib. Just waiting for one of us too wake up. And when we do, you smile so loud and shower us with so much joy that we melt. You give us the best possible way to start the day. Every day.

I’m looking forward to your development and independence. Baby girl, we love you.

Laura | 7 months, November 2012. | VideoShow from Barbara Tursan Misic Photography on Vimeo.