visited Varaždin, one of my favourite cities ever, twice in a month (happy dance) :: had to leave our baby girl twice for a weekend sleepover while I shoot weddings (I didn’t know it was possible to miss someone so badly) :: our little bundle of joy drove us crazy with her strange sleep patterns (it seems that period is behind us. for now.) :: made big plans for the blog and website and I’m trying so hard to accomplish them on time (will see how that goes till the end of the year) :: photographed three beautiful weddings :: us girls attended a  bachelorette party :: photographed new headshot for a great lady :: had many fast food meals with dear friends (therefore, it’s totally justified) :: enjoyed afternoon walks with my girl (it seems November won’t be as kind to us) :: stole some girl time just for myself :: we pulled out a mission impossible (being a best man and a official photographer) with a little help from our friend Frano

Looking forward to mulled wine and sausages on the main square during November and all the album designs that awaits me 🙂