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You know you found the “one” when he gives you the last one of his favourite chocolate cookies. And when he gets up in the morning to take the baby to another room so you could have just a couple more minutes of sooo needed sleep. You know you found the “one” when he gets up and make you coffee after he finally sat down on “his couch spot” and his favourite TV series is about to start. And when he learns enough about photography so he could make jokes with you. You know you found the “one” when he thinks you are beautiful without any make-up on. And when he spoons with you although he really doesn’t like that. You know you found the “one” when he shows you he loves you even when you are fighting and when he constantly reminds you how much you mean to him. You know you found the “one” when he gets up early in the morning on the weekends so he could have breakfast with you (although he is THE prototype of anti-morning person). And when he proudly calls you his wife.

My love, I love you. And I will always share my last scoop of Häagen-Dazs with you. Happy Anniversary…