There is a saying among mothers around me how “baby eats your brain up”; you tend to forget things or what you wanted to say or where on Earth you headed with those scissors in the first place… Until now, I experienced this phenomenon in a relatively mild form. And I naively thought I’m exception from that rule. Until… (pay attention now) I forgot my laptop at my grandmas in Gorski kotar. My LAPTOP. With blog post drafts, prepared photos for website “face-lift”, Adobe Lightroom, recipes for Laura’s meals, my e-books… Everything. Now, I have to go there and back in one day just to pick something up I shouldn’t have forgotten in the first place… But, to more cheerful things; here is what I’ve been up to during September:

bought one gorgeous pair of high heels shoes (love them so much I even watch TV in them) :: spent two weeks at my grandmas in Gorski kotar :: made apple jam all by myself (bazinga!) :: visited bibliobus for the very first time (moving library – the best idea ever) :: one of my oldest friends gave birth to baby Stephanie – Laura can’t wait to play with her next summer :: autumn, my favorite season of the year, is coming :: my grandma failed in her mission (for me to gain some weight) – thank you baby girl for keeping me in shape 🙂 :: us girls went shopping for winter collection

October is gonna be one busy busy busy month – one bachelorette party, three weddings and couple of portrait sessions. Can’t wait!