There are certain questions that popped-up in every conversation with a client so far; what to wear to an engagement session, how to choose the perfect location for portrait session, how much time should they “reserve” for photo session on the wedding day etc. In order to try and answer some of those questions in advance I decided to start a FAQ series.

The first FAQ relates to an engagement/portrait session; specifically, what to wear.

  • I want my clients to relax, have fun and feel comfortable in front of my camera. In order to achieve that, they have to wear something they absolutely love and look awesome in it; so ladies, don’t put on a pair of shoes or a dress that you usually don’t wear or that isn’t reflecting your style.
  • Also, I love photographing outdoors (woods, parks, beach, mountains) so wearing something “appropriate” to location is highly recommended; I don’t want you worrying about carrying the dress or ruining the suit (heads-up: I will probably ask you to sit/lie down at some point of the session).
  • Think about bright colours, patterns, textures and great details (a favourite scarf, watch you bought on your last vacation, your grandmother earrings).
  • My suggestion is to plan an outfit/location change (one casual and one more formal); be sure to pick outfits that match your surroundings.
  • Ladies, get your nails done – I will photograph your engagement ring so it would be nice if you wouldn’t hide away your hands during the session (wish someone gave me this advice; I went apple picking the day before our session – just imagine what my hands looked like). Also, it’s the perfect time to get your hair and make-up done – every woman likes to get pampered so take advantage of this opportunity. Plus, you will look fabulous on the photos. Gentlemen, this applies to you to: get a fresh hair-cut, grow a beard or buy a new shirt; whatever makes you, you.
  • If you want to personalize the shoot even more, think about props that reflects your personality and interests (if you like outdoors, you could bring a quilt and a picnic basket; if both of you are passionate cyclists, we could incorporate your bicycles in the session); possibilities are endless.
  • At the end, this is your time with me; ask me anything that interests you about posing or you posture in front of the camera; I want you to look your best. 

And since I’m as visual as can get, here are some of my favourite photographs and examples of what their clients wore to sessions (bobbi+mike, Jasmine Star, Brandon Kidd Photography, Clayton Austin. Love. Stories., Jose VillaThe Image is Found, Tyler Branch Photo).

If you have anything to add, I would like to hear from you in the comment section below. Enjoy the Weekend!