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Every day when I wake up, I see your beautiful face smiling back at me and I melt. Every. Single. Time. And every morning I wonder what we did to deserve you and your unconditional love. True, we have great days and not so great ones. And on those days I fell like a total failure cause I just don’t understand what you need at a given moment so I apply method of trial and error; forgive me for that. But I’m getting better, right?

You know, no one ever looked at me like you do. No one gets so excited every time they see me like you do. I swear, sometimes I feel like you will fly away by flailing your arms and legs like that. And no one ever loved me so unconditionally like you do. I don’t have to be pretty or funny or smart or in a good mood for you. You accept me as I am. I love you baby girl. And I am so grateful every day for being your mom.