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My mother warned me. She told me years ago: “You’ll see, one day when you became mom, how everything changes. Opinions, priorities, every-day routines, stuff that mattered-and-couldn’t-live-without-them. Everything becomes irrelevant and you are no longer the most important person in your own life”. I produced a noise that could be translated as “Y-e-a-h riiighttt” and I promised myself “That will never happen to me. Ever.”. And of course I broke that promise in these four months. Countless times. And I will break it countless times more. Cause its seems to me that my life divided into two eras – era before Laura and era after Laura. Things I stressed about before, I laugh at now. And things that didn’t matter to me at all became the world to me. On Wednesday, our Boo turned four months. And we love her more and more with every passing day and cannot imagine a morning without her smiling back at us from her crib. Yes, I know it sounds corney to someone. And I don’t care; I enjoy every day in my new-perspective-changed-life.