Hello. My name is Barbara and I’m an Instagramholic. It’s not even an addiction; it turned to an obsession a long time ago. I wake up in the morning and can’t wait to catch 5 spare minutes to check on my favourite Instagramers. And let me tell you: there are some amazing/talented/quirky people up there. I decided to share with you some of my feed every month (I say “some” cause if I wanted to share everything, this would be a never-ending post) so here we go:

photographed two amazing weddings (bazinga!) :: ate well :: survived +40 temperatures :: attended an amazing bachelorette party (we drove around town in a limo) :: our baby girl turned 3 months :: read some good and some not so good books :: enjoyed amazing seaside sunsets from our balcony :: visited my grandparents in Karlovac

Expect more images like those in the coming months. PS. if you’d like to follow my Instragram feed, my handle is “barbara_tursan_misic” 🙂