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I’m so behind my “To-do-list” that it has its own “To-do-list”. Seriously, I feel like its coming to life in a form I’m not quite sure I like. And having Internet connection that is slower than snail is not helping. Not helping at all. But one thing I managed to cross over my “to-do-Frankenstein-list” is to photograph Laura yesterday when she turned 3 months. Can you grasp the fact I’m a mother for three months already? I  can’t…

Being a kid is great for so many reasons but one of them is being able to do your morning workout in your pyjamas:

Love the details on this Carters pjs:

I don’t know why are little baby feet so cute but they just are:

And yes, the era “I-wanna-put-everything-in-my-mouth” has begun; this toy doesn’t stand a chance but doesn’t know it yet:

Of all the things she could have inherited from both of our families, she inherited the unconditional love toward her thumbs…

“Who si this man with white beard? Is it Santa? If you are Santa, does that mean you have presents for me? Yeee!”

Strike a pose:

After two months of fighting against “bath time” she finally gave up and realised she will be washed and bathed regardless her resistance; and now is enjoying herself every night:

After a long day, we are ready for bed; nighty-night 🙂