Remember the story I told you about my dear friends Mrs. Pepper and Mr. Salt? Last weekend we went to visit them in Varaždin. To little baby Laura, this was her very first road trip. And you know what? She loves to travel. Duh. How could she not with parents that would travel 360 days a year if they only could?

To get back to Mrs. Pepper and Mr. Salt, one of the reasons we visited them is to scout for photo-locations for their upcoming wedding and to “relax” them in front of the camera. Like they need relaxing; they both look like a million dollars:

I read somewhere that best way to get your subjects into a pose is to give them “an assignment” – an action for them to do (like, walk towards me). As you can see Jagor used that to check Dijana out:

Look at her… isn’t she just gorgeous? And just wait till you see her in her wedding dress – your jaw will hit the floor and eyes will pop out… I know mine did.

Meet the third member of their little family – the adorable four legged Bella. Dijana found her last August behind her mother’s house and adopted her immediately:

Pure love.

And absolute favourites of that afternoon:

Can’t wait for their wedding day 🙂