#47. Purchase Canon 5D Mark-II

Ever since I started this photography path of mine, there was one piece of equipment I drooled after and dreamt about it constantly – Canon 5D Mark-II. Other “dreamy” equipment pieces changed as my photography style and preferences changed, but this one stayed the same. The deal from the start (between my husband and I) was not to indebted ourselves with buying expensive equipment but to save up and with time buy everything I needed (to tell you the truth, I thought that day will never come…or it will come when we’ll be 70 years old…but better late than never, right?). But, as always, he surprised me and tonight my precious 5D is coming… And I’m afraid I’m gonna turn to Elmyra Duff the second I lay my hands on it. You know that cute cartoon character from Tiny Toon Adventures that is obsessed with animals and cute things and has overenthusiastic affection forward potential pets? Her most famous line is “I’m gonna hug you and kiss you and love you forever!” while she squeezes one of the pets too hard. No? Well, I’m gonna hug and squeeze and pet my new camera and never use it up just like her…

All this said, in this giving spirit, I have decided to give away one complimentary portrait photo session (maternity, newborn, family, couples)! The winner will receive one session and full resolution images on DVD.


1. LIKE Barbara Tursan Misic Photography Facebook page.

2. Post a comment here and tell me your story/reasons why should you get the session.

3. I will announce the lucky winner right here on 27th of May.

Just two little side notes: the session has to take place in Zagreb and you can give it away as a gift to someone. Thanks for stopping by and GOOD LUCK! 🙂

And a note to my husband: Thank you my love, for being my faithful Sancho Panza and for helping me make my dreams come true…