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The advantage (or disadvantage; it depends on your point of view) of having a little baby is you don’t get to sleep much. For example, today at 5 o’clock in the morning our little girl decided she slept enough. And she totally ignored my pleas for just one more hour of sleep… Bad side of this is dozing off while standing under a hot shower but good side of it is all the extra time I have to think. About everything. Books to read. House chores to do. Friends to call. Goals to accomplish. And talking about goals, my maid of honour reminded me to update my “101 in 1001” list. So here it is:

#37. Eat fresh fruits at least three times a week

#43. Bake a pie. From scratch.

#94. Cook meal two times a week for six months

p.s. this is not my first baked pie. It’s more like 31st pie I baked but the thing is it always gets eaten before I snap a photo of it (this one also almost got away without being captured). So, if you need a recipe for a heavenly piece of pie, just ask 🙂