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While I was growing-up, my mother was “trigger happy” regarding photography. You can’t even imagine how huge is the pile of photographs showcasing me with our dog, playing with the dolls, with my grandparents, in a new dress, “swimming” in an inflatable pool (if you can call that swimming)… Then she gave birth to my brother and that “trigger happiness” doubled (of course); until she got sick and ended up in a hospital for almost a year. I guess something “snapped” inside her cause when she was finally released from the hospital, she never took that camera in her hands. Ever again. There is a huge hole in documenting our family life with photos and I deeply regret that for reasons I will tell you about in another post…

When I first got my hands on a small/idiot digital camera (a gift for my 18th birthday) I promised myself I will never allow that “special” moments in my life to be “un-documented”. So I became “trigger happy” just like my mother annoying people around me with “strike a pose for me” sentence. I guess it didn’t surprise anyone when I wanted to document “in a proper way” yet another special moment in our lives – me being huge as a whale while we are waiting to meet you baby girl 😀

Thank you Frano (from GleFotka Studio) for being patient with us (read: me) during our shoot… Here are some of my favourites:

You know how Obelix fell into the Magic Potion when he was a little boy and that resulted with his superhuman strength? Well, I guess I fell into laugh-inducing potion:

After the “inside” part of our session we took a walk through our neighbourhood; isn’t my husband just yummy?

Love love love love love this one:

Yet another laughter seizure:

Can you guess what will the first pair of shoes be in our baby girl life? 🙂