40 days. That’s how long it’s been since I published anything in the blogosphere. 40 days is a long time, wouldn’t you agree? I could try to justify myself by listing all the things that kept me away from blogging or photography in general… Like, finally finishing master thesis and submitting it to my MBA School (all that is left to do is to defend the thesis in front of the Commission). Or, the fact that my estimated due date is March 27nd and that everything tires me up; going to my parents flat and climbing 72 stairs (yes, I know the exact number) feels like conquering Mount Everest. If someone else listed me things that kept him/her away from their dreams, I would quietly mutter “excuses, excuses”. So… why didn’t I mutter “excuses, excuses” to myself? I did – after 40 days. Better late than never, right? To people who follow my blog – I apologise for not writing in such a long time. It will never happen again. I promise.

And, since every post is better with a photo, here is one from my own photo-session last Saturday taken by Frano Ozbolt (GleFotka Studio):

Can’t wait to see the rest!