Last week has been quite busy (and that’s an understatement) and was “stamped” with baby preparation:

  • going to IKEA, buying baby cot and dresser and spending 5 hours assembling it on Saturday evening with my husband… not even a year ago, we would spend our Saturday evening quite differently… well, times change :),
  • clearing out our study room and making room for our little gal,
  • buying the basic clothes and washing them (isn’t this froggy outfit just the cutest?!),
  • making a list (of course I made a list – DUH) of things we are still missing so I could go shopping next week.

And you know what? It just hit me – the realization we’ll be having a baby and becoming parents in less than two months. OMG! Paaaniiic! I knew it was coming soon (like, Jack knew golden goose exists but until he saw her, didn’t quite grasp the whole concept and the consequences) but it was all “in the clouds”. Till this weekend. Will we know what to do? How can we prepare better? How do you know is the baby crying cause she’s hungry or in pain or just wanna cuddle? How do you know the right milk temperature? 1.000.000 questions are running through my head right now and I do hope to answer some of them until the baby comes…