I don’t know what is happening to me. It seems like I’m losing my time all the time – I turn around and chunks of minutes and hours are gone. I can’t track down where did my time go – it got lost somewhere between writing my master theses, bad weather, reading books like crazy, going to the doctor’s appointments and preparing for the baby. In the process, I’ve neglected my love, my baby, my joy. My camera. Shame on me. But last Saturday, my camera and I finally met again and a dear friend of mine was our “target”. We were trying to grab a cup of coffee for months now – but work/health/really bad weather/something got in the way every single time. So, we firmly decided: “come rain or shine” we are gonna meet on Saturday, take a long walk and drink some coffee. Oh, how it “rained” – the snow was falling like crazy and thermometer was showing -10 °C but that didn’t stopped us… And since I took my camera with me, Ivana stood patiently in front of it on the raging blizzard and looked absolutely breathtaking:

The thing you notice right away about her is the fact she giggles all the time. And when she giggles, it sounds like hundreds of small bells are ringing away:

She even tried to warm up a little bit by jumping up and down:

Silly photographer (me) asked her to take her cap off. “Just for a minute… pleeeaaaseee…”

My first association when I saw these set of photos on my computer yesterday was “From Russia with Love”. Wouldn’t you agree?

We ended our walk with a cup of tea/warm chocolate and a little bit of gossip – girls wouldn’t be girls without a little gossip…