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Last week, I took some time for myself – Internet was reduced to minimum, blogging too, my camera was waiting patiently on her shelf (of course it’s a “she”) and I was left alone with my thoughts. Not always the best thing in my case but it’s a must do. One of the things I did was taking time to pick my favourites photos form 2011 – an ungrateful assignment but also a necessary one. The “problem” is I always compare myself/my work to others and I’m never satisfied. Ever. But seeing all those emotions/beautiful people/special occasions captured by me on one pile made me dance the happy dance (quite the embarrassing dance routine – you do not wanna witness that… those who had that “pleasure” are hoping never to see it again). Cause, all in all, I’m proud of the images below and the people who stood in front of my camera.

Here there are – my favourites form 2011:

Thank you all for being patient with me and for allowing me to capture special moments in your life with my camera.