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Many of the bloggers/photographers I devoutly follow recently published their review of 2011 (you can read some of my favourite ones here, here, here and here). I was talking to a friend about it and he said “Why don’t you write your own review of 2011?”. My instant replay was “Don’t be silly! What would I write about?! I didn’t accomplish anything compared to them!”. And there that story ended. Not. The idea about my Ups, Downs and In-betweens of 2011 started to develop on its own in my mind…

1. The Ups

When I wrote down all the things I spent my time on the past year I got this list: got my first DSLR Canon camera and learned how to shoot in manual mode (this is a never-ending process), participated in 3 group exhibitions, finished photography portrait course, launched a blog, launched a Facebook Fan page, designed and launched my own Web site (with support and help of Mandala studio), learned how to make slideshow-photography-videos, shoot my first boudoir session, shoot my first maternity session, shoot many portrait sessions, shoot two weddings completely on my own, organized and photographed two stylized bridal shoots (Urban Bride + Back to the 50′s), got featured on “Le Magnifique” blog, got featured in Glorija magazine (photographs from road trip to Amsterdam) and developed my pricing packages.

2. The Downs

This is a tough one… Main one is: I totally neglected my master thesis (due to all the things stated above). I simply pretended it didn’t exist and acted like I have all the time in the world. And now, that stupidity is catching up with me… Some others mistakes I made were to take on way to much work at a certain period (keep in mind I have a regular full-time job… result being – sleepless nights, not spending enough time with my husband/family/friends, not eating properly and drinking too much coffee…) and not believing in myself enough. Yet again – I would do it all again when I look at “The Ups”…

3. The In-betweens

There are only three things in this category but they are h.u.g.e.:

  • went road tripping through Europe (Prague, Berlin & Amsterdam) and had the times of our lives,
  • put a bun in the oven (we are expecting a baby girl sometime in April),
  • celebrated our first marriage anniversary… To be honest – The Ups wouldn’t happen without constant support of my better half. He was there for me 100% – making me coffee, waking me up to go to work after all-night-editing, watching  zillion photographs with me and deciding which ones will go to web site, listening to me blab about cameras and lenses and reflectors…

All I have to do now is to set up goals for 2012… Piece of cake. Not. 🙂

And cause every post in better with a photo, here is one “behind the scenes” from “Back to the 50′s” stylized bridal shoot: