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You will laugh now but… I have a Christmas “TO-DO list” as well. It’s a hectic time of year and I don’t wanna forget something important. Like last year for example… And forgetting to buy eggs for the cake… and finding out in the late afternoon I have forgotten them… and running like headless chicken form supermarket to supermarket in the quest named “Where can I buy eggs on Christmas Eve?!”. I never ever wanna repeat that experience. Ever. Again.

So, some of the things that were on the “TO-DO list” this year were:

  1. Finding the perfect Christmas wreath – check!

2. Buying all the presents couple days before Christmas and avoiding unbearable crowds – check!

3. Buying Christmas lights for our tree (another thing we forgotten to do last year) – check!

4. Decorating our place with fake Christmas snow spray – check! I just hope we will be able to clean it off after Christmas…

I wish you all a marry Xmas… And hope you managed to do everything from your holiday list 🙂