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The love between Christmas and I goes way back. It was always special time of the year for me – I was on school break, spending time with my family, going to family weekend house in the mountains, sledding and making snowman with my brother, eating favourite desserts, decorating the Christmas tree, going to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve… And of course, don’t forget the presents part. Honesty, I think I developed an addiction to presents over years – it doesn’t have to be huge or an expensive present; you can buy me Kinder Surprise, put a bow on it and I will be ecstatic…

But this year, I just don’t feel that Christmas vibe. Can’t pin the exact cause (maybe is the lack of snow or too many degrees Celsius) but I just can’t get myself in that mode where I sing along Mariah Carey and “All I want for Christmas is you”…

So I decided to make my Ultimate Christmas Gift List hoping with that I will start feeling that Christmas vibe again. Here it is:

1. Wedding Photography Course with Jasmine Star | creativeLIVE; 2. MUSE; 3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S; 4. Posing Equipment for kids; 5. Camera Cookie Cutter Set; 6. Holga; 7. Fine Art Wedding Photography by Jose Villa; 8. Album Builder v4; 9. Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers by Lawrence Chan; 10. Reflector with Lightstand and Holder Kit; 11. Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L; 12. Umbrella.

What is on yours ultimate Christmas gift list? 🙂