Meet Mrs. Pepper and Mr. Salt – two of my dearest friends. They’ve been spicing each other’s lives for almost 7 years now. She is this petit blond bombshell that wouldn’t hurt a fly and he is that guy that would give you his kidney if you ask politely enough. She is the emotional one, he is the voice of reason and they are both temperamental to the bones. He taught her to ski – on the first day she cursed him. Constantly. She fell, burst into tears and didn’t want to get up (that sounds sooo familiar); and today she skies like a champion. She taught him to be patient and that he is not always right.  This summer, he “popped the question” – before bedtime, in the pyjamas. Of course, she said yes. They are getting married on October 13th and Tomo will be his man of honor. And I? I will be the photographer. Can’t wait.