My husband is not the romantic type. Never has been. On the other hand, romantic is imprinted in every pore of my body. I’m a sucker for flower bouquets, dinners under candlelight, picnics… you know – the fluffy, girly stuff. And I always complain (read – nag) about that romantic “droughts” in our lives. But every now and then, he surprises me with the cutest romantic gesture that leaves me speechless (not the easiest task; especially if I drank too much coffee that day).

Couple nights ago, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and having one of my monologs (this was about Christmas and all the presents I would like to get under the tree and those I would like to give to him if my last name was Rockefeller). At some point, I turned around and there he was – standing behind me and holding a postcard saying “All I want to Christmas is you”… S.p.e.e.c.h.l.e.s.s.

I placed the card on our shopping panel in the kitchen to remind me everyday to nag less about the romantic “droughts” in our lives – cause after every drought, comes heavy rains…