I don’t like surprises. Really.Don’t.Like.Them. I even make list of presents for my birthday and when my friends ask if there is something I would like or need – I have prepared answers. And I know some of them hate this (sorry Iva) but it’s just the way I roll…

Regarding surprises… A colleague of mine wanted to make a collage of photographs of her and the kids for her husband’s birthday – as a surprise present 🙂

So we met last Sunday in a park near Boćarski Dom and here are the results:

 I’ve set with Aida in the same office for a year and half and it was a b.l.a.s.t. I’ve never met anyone who tells you straight in the face everything that’s on their mind – until I met her. The great thing about that is you know exactly where you “stand”; very refreshing. Another “characteristic” thing about Aida is that she is always (but always) dressed up; everything is synced from head to toes. Pearls are her “trade mark” so no wonder she wore them on Sunday:

My brother is 8 years younger than me and Hana and Alen reminded me of us – the big, “grown-up” sister and annoying/playful brother:

I just love Hana’s style. Sweatshirt, t-shirt with a cool print (who doesn’t think Snoopy is cool?!?), purple Timberland boots (have the same pair in the shoe closet and my husband hates them) and a scarf – very cool and casual:

And just look at this future heart-breaker:

This is my absolute favourite photo of the day – it perfectly sums up mother-daughter relationship in those teenage years:

Happy Thursday!