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#29. Launch my own Web site

I feel like Frankenstein right now cause I wanna climb the highest point and just yell “It’s Alive!”. If you are wondering what on Earth am I blabbing about – I’m blabbing about my WEBSITE. It is done, it is finished and it is on-line. You can check it out here:

What. A. Huge. Project. It. Was. Really. I’m gonna sound like a Hollywood star receiving an Oscar now but this wouldn’t be possible without guys at MANDALA studio (who did all the coding, programming and all those technical stuff) and without my own personal Igor’s (friends who had to comment screenshots and ideas and answer my 1001 questions). There may be little changes here and there as I get comfortable in this new on-line home of mine, but I have waited long enough for this launch, so here it is!

A pretty great (early) Christmas, don’t you think? 🙂