It seems so easy to pose from my “behind-the-camera” perspective. You smile, strike the pose and voilà! One of the first things I learned on NLP is the importance of switching perspectives – so I switched mine. I knew I needed photos for my upcoming website (which is starting to form quite nicely and I love it!) so I asked a friend of mine to photograph me… And she did. And you know what? It’s not so easy after all. The poses I thought will look good – looked stiffed and staged, it’s hard to stay serious and even harder to smile “naturally”. All the time during the shoot, I was thinking about all those advices I read before about posing: previsualize a great photo, move your subjects into that specific pose, relax them, talk till your throat hurts (Jasmine Star is the best tipper/teacher I found in the wilderness of Internet). The shoot was very “educational” to me as a photographer – I realised what I was doing wrong, what I could improve but also what not to do…

So, here are some of my favourite photos from that day: