Lately, there just aren’t enough hours in my day. And yes, it’s a paradox – especially if you take in consideration the fact I’m on my maternity leave. The whole branding/ figuring out how my website should look like/which photographs to choose that best represents me and my work it taking up much more time… and when you add writing my master theses and all the “regular” choirs (like ironing) on top of that, the day is TOO SHORT. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining – I just wish I had more time to write and to blog about all the amazing people I photographed recently. Tanja is one of them. She is a college of mine but has a secret passion – she is attending a drama school and spends all her free time perfecting her acting skills. She needed headshots for auditions so months ago we agreed I’ll do them. On one occasion, she wrote her two-week-schedule to me in a mail… Honesty, I have no idea when she gets her beauty sleep. A week ago, we finally synchronized our schedules and here are the results:

As I mention before, Tanja’s passion is acting so we agreed to use Howard Schatz’s series „ In Character: Actors Acting“ as inspiration. She got assignments and had to act them.

The assignment: You have come home after being away for 6 months and you parents are hugging you.

The assignment: You are a 5-year-old who just put a dead rat in her big brother drawer.

The assignment: You are a girl whose boyfriend just suggested something notty you don’t wanna do and you are trying to refuse him politely.

The assignment: Your father-in-law is complying about your cooking (again) and you are trying to signalise your husband to say something.

The assignment: You just found out your husband have been leading double life for the last 10 years.

We agreed to organise another photo session but we have to wait for snow to fall… Can’t wait!