Yesterday I met with my oldest friend for a cup of tea (it sounds so British)… We’ve known each other for 23 years. 23 years. Our friendship is of legal age in all the countries of the world. I met her in primary school and if I’m not mistaken, we sat together from second grade till the end. And since both of as had all those lovely nerdy qualities, we always sat in the front/first row right in front of the teacher (of course). Our friendship survived different high schools, different universities and all those different phases in our lives. And I’m very thankful for that. When I was getting married, she baked single-handedly 40 muffins (Lidija, if I wrote the number of the muffins wrong – forgive me; I was a little bit distracted that day) and brought them to my house. Those weren’t “ordinary/instant-from-the-box” muffins – every one of them looked like a piece of art and tasted even better… Thank you again, my dear.

She recently celebrated 30th birthday and treated four of her closest friends with dinner (me included). So, we decided to surprise her with a “special” gift – we collected all those shameful photographs from various birthdays, New Year celebrations and travels and made her a photo book. And we managed to make her cry – just a little bit…

I contributed with this pearl from her 12th birthday – please, look at us; every time a look at this picture, I cry myself to tears laughing: