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#82. Organize and photograph a stylized bridal shoot

Ever since I decided what my goals regarding photography are, I wanted to organize and photograph a stylized bridal shoot but, honestly, I had no idea how to do it… There is a wedding dresses salon in my neighbourhood and every time I pass by, I drool – they have the most amazing wedding dresses ever. Recently they published on their Facebook Fan Page new arrivals and there I saw HER – THE DRESS. I’m a sucker for ‘ 50s fashion and that dress looked like it travelled from the past. I wanted to photograph it. Badly. So badly I contacted the salon (after a week of thinking it through) and asked them if they would be willing to borrow me the dress. And they said YES. To me. They even suggested a model. Everything was organised in less than a week and today was the photo shoot day. A good friend of mine was the make-up artist (you already saw how Ines rocks here), Penelope wedding salon supplied us with the dresses (yes, 2 dresses!), the accessories and the model and yours truly was the photograph…

I have no idea how to thank all those wonderful people who participated in today’s photo session but THANK you. Truly, madly, deeply – thank you…

Here is a sneak peak and stayed tuned for the rest: