It’s been a month since I last posted “Wednesday babblings”. A month. And the idea was to post every Wednesday. Shame.On.Me. The fact is that I’ve been quite busy (photography and non-photography related) but that’s not an excuse…

The biggest news this Wednesday is… (the sound of drums in the background) – I’m photographing a styled wedding shoot this Sunday! I wanted to do that in a long time but I had no idea how to organize it… It will not be “classical” styled wedding shoot cause we had to organised it in 3 days but I have all the important ingredients – the dress, the bride, the make-up artist and permissions to shoot in all locations I imagined. Can’t wait!

Second biggest news is… (again – the drums) – I have decided it’s time to make my own website. No, I will not do it myself (because it would look like a 4 year old painted it); I’m currently in the process of gathering offers and all (un)necessary information – so, if you have any smart advice… I’m listening… And all I have to do after that is to decide how it will look like. Piece of cake. Not. I have a feeling my head is gonna burst…

Something sweet for the end… The ever so talented Alex Beadon (check her work here) published another „Edit This Photo“ post; she posts a high resolution file and asks people to edit it and send it back to her. And the results are amazing. You can’t believe how creative people get regarding post-processing. Here is my contribution:

Check out her blog next week to see others who participated.

Happy Wednesday!