#33. Shoot my first maternity sessions

I don’t remember when I first saw 101 in 1001 list, but I was thrilled! And since I’m a “List” person, of course I wanted to make that huge list of my goals. Duh. As I sat down and started to write my goals, my excitement started to wear off – it was much harder then I imagined… So I gave up. But the idea stayed in my head and every once-in-a-while it popped out. So I started again. And I gave up – again… But, the idea was persistent. And it popped out – again. That dance of ours lasted a couple of months until I sat down and wrote my first 101 in 1001 list. And you know what? It is one of the best things I did lately. For two reasons:

  1. When I wrote my goals down they became real and achievable (as silly as that sounds) and I could see clearly what I wanted to achieve.
  2. As I started to cross them out, one by one, it felt so good! And now, when I look back and see 17 of them have been completed – I feel even better.

One of the goals I especially was looking forward to was my first maternity shoot. I love pregnant women – they are absolutely beautiful with those big belies. So when I friend of mine said she would like me to photograph her 4 days before her due date, I felt like Christmas came early this year. We had so much fun yesterday and I can’t wait do process all photos. Till then, here is a sneak peak: