Last week a friend of mine asked for a favour – to photograph him for his promotional materials. Helping a friend in need is never a problem but… he is a rapper (quite good one actually; he is one of the leading demo rap performers in Croatia and his stage name is Jay Lee). And I never photographed a rapper before…

Million questions ran through my head – how to pose him, where to find suitable locations, will I be able to deliver him what he needed… I didn’t wanna screw it up cause: 1) he is a dear friend of mine and 2) he will be using the photos for promotional materials for his first solo album “Garantiran Novac” published two months ago. So I googled and watched zillion rap videos to get some idea of how it should be done.

At the end, it was one of the most fun shoots I did. He was simply amazing; we changed three locations and he changed “styling” four times. One more reason I had so much fun was cause we exchanged ideas – he did whatever I asked him to do but he also had great ideas.

Here are the results of our collaboration:

I lovelovelove this one:
On 30th of September he will perform live in Night Club Aquarius promoting his album. Jura, I won’t be able to come, but I know you’ll rock the house!