I have a dream. One day (when we’ll own a house) I’ll have one room just for myself. My safe-place. My sanctuary. My mental wellness. You wonder what that room will be? A library. I already know exactly how that room will look like. It doesn’t have to be huge, but has to be mine and with only one purpose – to store all my books. Wooden shelves will go from floor to ceiling covering every inch of walls beside doors and windows. A worktable with three drawers will be near the window with a small green lamp. On the table, in a pencil box, all sorts of pens will be together with cute notebook (in case a wanna write something down). Right below the window there will be a comfortable window bench with fluffy cushions and a blanket (I would crawl under it and read during cold winter days). In a corner of a room (I didn’t decide which one yet) a comfortable chair/sofa will be and next to it a lamp. All furniture will preferably be from IKEA since I a.d.o.r.e. them… Previsualisation does wonders 🙂

Until then, I have to be satisfied with my own personal book dealer (a friend of mine works in a library). Last week she supplied me with fresh books and among them was a book that delighted me – “Loving Oneself With Open Eyes”. Jorge Bucay, a gestalt psychotherapist, wrote it together with Silvia Salinas and it talks about love relationships – how they fade away and how you can preserve them (I recommend it). When I read a book, I write down (in a cute notebook) all quotation that intrigues me. One of them I wrote down was:

There isn’t a single way of living. Each of us erects his/her circus the way (s)he can… We can live our life like subway drivers, knowing exactly where we are going and how is the route. Or like surfers: following the wave.

How to you live your life? Like a subway driver or like a surfer?