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#31.  Shoot my first wedding

Two of my dear friends, which I’ve known for years, got married last Saturday. I met him while I was working in Osijek – he came to my Telesales training with an attitude “What can she teach me?!”. We started talking during breaks, he realised I wasn’t some pompous big city hot shoot but a girl who knows no one in the city and friendship was born. We would have “coffee dates” after my return to Zagreb – he would make himself a coffee, I would make myself a coffee and we would call each other and talk; he would talk actually cause no girl can outtalk him…

And she is born on the same date as I so we’ve been celebrating our birthday together for couple of years now. We have the same biorhythm (we both get up early in the morning on our vacation/weekends) so it’s a pure pleasure going somewhere with her; I finally don’t have to drink coffee alone. Did I mention she is one of the most beautiful girls I know? Well, she is. Recently, she decided to follow her dream and become a professional make-up artist so we are travelling the same road together (practice-classes-gathering all necessary equipment/make-up to start up a business…) but with a different finish line. When I asked her who will be their photograph, she replied “You”. They helped me accomplish one of my goals; I wouldn’t say the most important one but… it’s quite important.

My dearest friends, I wish you all the happiness in the world… It was a pleasure photographing your special day and thank you again for giving me the opportunity to follow my dreams…