A friend of mine recently asked me how I cope with life. With unplanned things (OCD is written all over me), with stress at work, with my aspiration to become professional photograph, with my frustration when no inspiration in on the horizon and my master thesis has a deadline, with joy of photographing my first wedding in less than a week, with need to get 1001 things done in 24 hours… You know – the “usual ” things.

The thing is… I have my own personal safety net; actually, I married him. Every-single-time I fall (regardless the reason), he’s there for me. He listens carefully about exposure, ISO and shutter speed (although it’s not quite his “thing”). He is my harshest critic and he drives me to do better, to dream bigger, to jump higher. He is my consultant, my best friend, my love – my everything.

I remember this one time I was sick with the flue (fact: I’m nasty when I’m sick). My temperature was raging above 40°C and he had no choice but to shower me in cold water. You can imagine how cold water felt on my skin at that particular time – it literally hurt. I was so mad at him. I jelled at him from the shower and told him horrible things (I will blame the fever…). He just stood there calmly and took all that with a smile. Later on, he confessed that he was scared for my wellbeing and if the cold shower didn’t work he would have taken me to hospital. But it worked; my safety net opened and I fell straight in.  Jet again.