They met 8 years ago at university. At first, they didn’t hang out together much due to fact they were not in the same group. As Ivana lived near university, Katarina stated to drive her home. Every time they talked longer and longer on the parking lot in front of Ivana’s building finding out things they have in common. And they had a lot in common.

So, they “expanded” their hanging out from “car location” to going out together, learning for exams together, cooking for each other (I can totally relate to that – one of the things I hate the most I eating alone… I would rather cook for 20 people then eat alone; if you ever cooked for more than 6 people, you know how much effort that takes). Eventually, they started to work for university together.

As years passed by, they grew closer and closer together. When Katarina planned her wedding, there was no question about who would be maid of honour. Till this day, they are each other support in good days and in not so good ones. And they still spend most of their time together in a car – just sitting and talking about things two best friends talk about… Shoes, shopping, new recipes – all those small things that glue life itself together.