Yesterday was a huge day for me. Gigantic. Like D-Day in trying to accomplish my dreams of becoming a professional photographer. Yesterday was the day when I did my first „official gig“ as a photograph. I was so nervous the whole week before – you know that feeling you have in your stomach before an important exam? Well… stronger than that… I couldn’t sleep the night before so I did what relaxes me the most – played games on my computer (Zeus was on repertoire) until 2 o’clock in the morning (thank God for coffee the next morning).

I got there (a nervous wreck) and decided I couldn’t go through it like that; I had to calm down. So I took one deep breath… and another one… and another one until I was ready “to rock them”. And I did. I still have lots and lost and lost to learn but I think I did quite well for my first „official gig”. At the end, Katarina and her family will be the judge to that. And those of you who read my blog. Here is a sneak-peek:

P.S. this beautiful, stunning woman gave birth a month ago… A MONTH AGO…  And she looked like a million dollars in that gorgeous dress yesterday.

Katarina, thank you for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to memorise your son’s baptism. It meant the world to me…