Ivana and I met a year ago at work and we clicked form the very first second. The project we were working on wasn’t quite peachy but we managed… In one phone call I mentioned her I love horses but that I never had the opportunity to see them up close. Couple of days later she called me and told me to buy a kilo of carrots or apples (?!?) and to wait for her that Saturday in front of my flat. It turned out that a friend of hers works at horse club Jarun and she arranged for me to see the horses up close, to feed them and to spend time with those beautiful animals.

When she recently complimented my photos and mentioned she would like me to take photos of her, I instantly said yes. Two days ago we arranged to met at Upper Town – she choose that location cause her parents took her there all the time when she was a kid.

Since we didn’t see each other for a while, we used the time to catch up. She was telling me how she found the love of her life. Interesting thing, that love – she lights up at the very mention of him.

The weather was changing every 5 minutes – rain, sunshine, cloudy. But that didn’t bother us at all.

She is a great lady – and a hopeless romantic.

And my absolute favourite photo of the day…

Ivana, thank you one more time for being patient with me and for giving me the opportunity to practice 🙂