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What fascinates me is when you ask a boy and a girl to tell you their love story, you always get two different versions. Always. 

The only thing that “matches” in both Sanja and Zoki’s story is location of their encounter; they worked together and they met in winter of 2009. He asked her on a cup of coffee; during work hours. After couple of “short-during work hours” coffees, they started to go on longer ones; after work hours. After a while, those “longer-after work hours”coffees turned into evening dates and nights on the town. The difference in their story is that Sanja claims that he was pursuing her while she wasn’t into him as much… He, on the other hand, claims she was very much into him – she just didn’t wanna admit it. 

Nevertheless, they hooked up and on March the 6th this year they became proud parents of baby girl Morana – the cutest, most peaceful and most serious baby girl I ever met. Last Sunday, I had the pleasure to snap-shoot one sunny afternoon with them. You should have seen us: four clowns, leaning over Morana, trying to make her laugh… or at least giggle… and – nothing. She was serious, delightful and dignified all the time; like a small Empress.

To see more, watch the video below 🙂