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Last weekend a long-time friend of mine got married. They first meet at a christening of their mutual friend Lana’s niece (she actually brought them together)… and last June their love story began. 
After couple of months, they knew they were meant to be together – forever.  But, before she met him, she planned a month long trip to New York (ohhh, how I envy her on that trip… totally green of envy – head to toe). So, before her departure to America, he proposed… and of course – she said yes. They both agree it was the longest month in their life… When she returned to Croatia she didn’t unpack at home, but at his place and remained there till this day…They were getting married at gorgeous Trajbar club in Zaprešić. The thermometer was showing 40°C and the air was incredibly dry – like someone sucked out 90% of oxygen from atmosphere leaving us with barely enough to breathe. The ceremony itself was held in the meadow just behind the clubs main building. It was the first “open air” wedding I attended and I have to say – b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. (I now understand Americans and their love for meadow/forest/farm/beach wedding). 
I ask her couple of weeks prior to wedding could I bring my camera with me (since I tend to take it everywhere I go now days), and of course she said yes. Here are some bits and pieces of their special day: 




Miha and Kiki, thank you again for being absolutely amazing, kind and lovely and for allowing me to document tiny bit of your special day… I wish you only the best… 😉