Our road trip seems ages ago… Realistically, not even a full month passed by – where the heck does the time go?! But, its Friday night, temperature is finally below 30°C, I processed photos from Prague and it’s time to share first third of our adventure.

We arrived at Prague after 7 hours on the road. I was very successful GPS (with printed instructions) and managed to get us to our destination without getting us lost along the way. One of the things Prague is known for are beer houses. We didn’t wanna go to famous ones where all the tourists go so I Googled and found „local“ one under the name of „U Zlatého Tygra”. I think we were only tourist in there but the atmosphere was great:

Great thing about beer houses is that waiters, as soon as they notice your glass is empty, come bringing another (full) one: 

Next morning we headed out to a must see – Prague Castle. We arrived just on time to see changing of the Guards:

While there, rain started to pour heavily so we hid in Prague Toy Museum – the second largest museum of this kind in the world

Another must-do in Prague is taking a boat trip down Vltava River:

A friend of mine went to Prague last year so I asked her inside tips&tricks. Among other things, she mentioned John Lennon wall. I was like “What?! The Beatles Jonn Lennon?!”. And yes, it’s a beautiful wall filled with John Lennon inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles songs: 

At the end of the day, we climbed Petřín: 327 m high hill in the center of Prague where Petrin Tower (Little Eiffel Tower) is situated and from where you can observe whole Prague:

While having dinner, I eavesdrop on a couple sitting table next to us. I don’t speak Czech  but they were speaking “second-date-night” language… it at least seemed like that to me:

On the second day we stumbled upon non typical Prague market of old crafts: blacksmiths, weavers, a cappella choirs… 

And glorious food:

My own personal daily desert 😉

Street performers are simply amazing: 

While resting on Vltava riverbank, we saw people pedaling up and down the river and it looked fun… So we rented „pedalina“ (i have no idea whats it called in english). The moment we set in it and pedalled to middle of Vltava, the rain started to pour so we had to hid under the bridge: 

Prague, you were so kind to us… hope to see you again 😉