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Its 45 minutes after midnight and I’m melting on my balcony. Literally. At some point today, I glanced at Accuweather and 39°C were staring back at me from the screen… They are forecasting the same temperature tomorrow. I feel like a snowman in spring time… Since I can’t sleep, I figured I could be useful and do something I neglected lately – my blog.

I love travelling – it feeds my soul like nothing else. I believe that real wealth to life lies in experiencing more of it, seeing more of it, taking in as much of it as you can. There is always a “down” side to each story. The catch with travelling is it leaves you wanting more. Always.

Exactly a week ago we returned from the best vacation ever. I imagined it would be great, but it was better that great. It was mind-blowing. Impressions are still settling down but it was surreal. When someone asks me witch city was the best, I instantly reply Amsterdam but all of them were great in their own way. A friend asked me to single out one anecdote and I couldn’t pick one out.  

During our vacation I managed to fulfil 2 of my goals:

59.   Travel trough Europe

There are a ton of images I wanna share so you can expect three posts soon:   

                PRAGUE                                    BERLIN                            AMSTERDAM