Today is the beginning of the rest of my life. Yes, its a bit dramatic statement but it perfectly sums up the way I feel right now. Today was my last day at work; at 4 o’clock my long awaited vacation began. I’ll be going back to work on 4th of July. Three weeks. 23 days (if you are counting this weekend – and I’m counting every second). 552 hours. 33120 minutes. I’ve been craving for vacation for a long time now. Really long time. Eternity almost. And I wanted to go somewhere far-far-away. I knew a “normal” trip just wouldn’t count. 

We planed to go to Cuba. A couple of my friends have been there and were absolutely thrilled. We tried one agency, another agency but it just wasn’t meant to be – first there was no room on flight, then the dates moved, then the weather forecast predicted heavy rain for first 7 next days we were supposed to be there… At the end, we gave up. 

Four days ago we were sitting in our living room wondering where to go now and what to do (cancelling our vacation was not a possibility). And then, my clever clever husband suggested – lets go road tripping through Europe. At first I was sceptical – where to go, how to plan it in such a short time, where will we park our car… 
But the idea grew in me. I goggled. I booked apartments and hotels. I made a draft tour “plan/list”. Here it is…

Distance: 3250 km
Start/end date: 20.06./02.07.
Days on road:13 
Cities visited: Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam (Kinderdijk & Giethoorn), Stuttgart

Can’t wait 😀