It’s a story of a boy meeting a girl. It’s not that extraordinary, nor is it unique. It’s simply ours:

Girl goes to seaside with 6 other girlfriends.
Boy meets girl.

Girl likes boy.
Boy likes girl.
Boy, girl and their friends play cards every night.
Girl has nasty PMS crisis around 2 o’clock in the morning and needs something sweet.
Boy rescues her with 3 scoops of vanilla ice-cream and cream.
Boy and girl kiss.
Boy and girl date after returning to Zagreb.
Boy and girl move in together.  
Boy and girl break-up.
Boy moves out.
Girl has fun.
Boy has fun.
Girl misses boy.
Boy misses girl.
Boy and girl make-up.
Boy and girl move in together.  
Boy proposes to girl.
Girl cries and says yes.
Boy and girl plan a wedding.
Boy and girl wed on October 8th 2010.
Boy buys girl her very first SLR camera and pursues her to follow her dreams as a photograph.
Girl loves boy ever more (although she thought that’s not humanly possible). 
Boy ends up having his own personal paparazzo following him around.