Last year, a girlfriend of mine whispered to me while we were having our once-a-quarter-all-together-high school coffee “Barbara, I have discovered something amazing and I’m totally in love” and she started to talk about S factor – what they are doing, what kind of moves they are practicing etc.  

She is dancing for a year now and has finished fourth level. So, I asked her if I could take their photos while practicing and guess what – she checked with the rest of girls and said yes!

Their S factor “guru” Sanja is dancing for six years now. She started at Ana Kuhanec, as soon as Ana acquired a certified instructor licence, and danced there for four years. She decided to go to school in New York and was absolutely thrilled with things she learned. When she returned to Croatia, she started to train with her friends and from last fall she took it to another level and started to lead classes. The lessons are currently held in an apartment, but if everything goes according to plan, Sanja will open her own studio this fall.  

Her ladies just finished fourth level and she is so proud of them as they are getting more confident, more sure, more relaxed… 

They are sooo sweet – every time one of them is performing an element on the pole, others are cheering and supporting her from the side:
I simply love-love-love this photo of Sanja – it has a certain “vibe”… don’t you agree?

Since I do all my post-processing in Lightroom, when Sanja asked me to “clean” the photos from elements in the room (bookshelf, tv, heater) I kind of panicked… I had no idea how to do that…so, I was honest and told her I don’t know how… she was so sweet and offered to “clean” the photos herself and send them to me for “final touches” (thank you Sanja). Here are pure elements on pole:
My dear foxy ladies, thank you again for letting me chase you around the room with my camera 🙂
To see more CLICK HERE or watch the video below 🙂