There is a saying that describes me quite well today: More Luck than Brains… Let me explain why…
Have I ever mentioned before how much I love Jasmine Star – International Wedding Photographer?!? No? Well, I do. I love her. Love her work. Love her approach to business. Love the way she is constantly evolving and working on herself.  Love absolutely everything.  

I have a Saturday’s ritual – I wake up early, make myself a cup of coffee turn on my computer and read blogs I follow… it’s a “starting point” of my weekend. Imagine my surprise when I read post titled Join me today for a free online photo course (at creativeLIVE) on Jasmines blog.

1.000 questions flashed my mind in a second… How do I enrol? Am I too late? Will there be a rewind? How could I miss information like that? But, LUCKY me – it has just began… I was glued to my computer for the last seven hours absorbing her every word (and boy, she can talk) – her tips and tricks, advices, experiences… her mindset is simply mind-blowing… 

I felt like Christmas came early this year. My husband told me I look like the cat that ate the canary. 

Soon Session 2 will begin – can’t wait 🙂