Till now, I missed only one class of my portrait photography course…and was very cranky cause of that…
I saw what they did yesterday on the forum and have to admit – some pretty amazing photographs were made πŸ™‚

colleague from the class drew out attention to Howard Schatz last Sunday – a fine art, fashion, and celebrity photographer who came up with a simple yet brilliant idea: to place actors in a series of roles and dramatic situations which will reveal the essence of their characters. He published a book with that premise (In Character: Actors Acting) and continued the tradition for the pages of Vanity Fair. Check it out – a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

To return to the β€œmain” topic, our assignment two days ago was to capture the dynamic of the movement in portrait photography together with hair lightning. I have to admit, I`m not quite pleased with my results… 
I could have told them to make different faces or to move more or I could have position hair light differently… Could have – didn`t – no point in crying over spilled milk… practice, practice, practice! 

What do you think?