I`m back! And guess what? I can ski! I don’t have the speed or technique of our Janica Kostelić but I can get/ski down any green and blue ski run 🙂

I wanted to take my camera with me sooo badly, but I decided not to because what if I fell during skiing (and that happened over and over again) and broke my camera?! No-no-no-no… and since I wanted to somehow photo-record my “journey” I downloaded Hipstamatic – a digital photography application for the iPhone with a analog touch. I loooveee it! 

So, it took us 17 hours with bus to our destination – Tignes resort, France.

All furniture in our condo had heart shaped handles 🙂

Everything had a “ski-mark” on it – even lamps had small skiers on top: 

After the first day of ski school (ESF Tignes Ski School), the person who invented ski-boots wasn’t my favourite person on the world (and that’s an understatement) and I couldn’t wait to sit down and unstrap them:

Since espace killy Tignes/Val d’Isère ski area offers 159 runs stretched over 300 kilometres, you have to know where you are and where you wanna go all the time (or you’ll get lost). Luckily for me, I had my own personal living-and-breathing GPS : 

All the breaks are welcomed with open arms… 

Healthy ski life 🙂

I really enjoyed riding in a chairlifts – you sit, relax, there is no noise but skiers and chairlift, beautiful scenery all around…

If you wanna ski, you have to eat properly… 

…and rest after lunch… 
(p.s. this is the person “to blame” for my accomplishment of this goal – without him, the idea of learning to ski would have never crossed my mind…)

…overlooking the valley:

My super-ski-woman-friends…

…and I – chilling the last day and enjoying the sun: 

Till next year… 😉